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Size: 18k
Purpose: Taking screenshots
Requirements: RISC OS 3. NB: Only useful for low-res monitors
Licence: Freeware
Outstanding feature: No more fiddling with ChangeFSI

AnyGrab is a handy application for grabbing screenshots. Yes, we've all seen utilities like this before - even !Paint has got this facility. So what makes this version different? You can grab ANY (pre-Risc PC?) screen mode, using ANY monitor from a quality TV-res monitor to the latest 20inch Super VGA auto-everything monitor. So what's the point? Well, if you've got a naff low-res AKF30 like me, and you need to take a hi-res screenshot of a Drawfile, then this program can come in very handy.


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Size: 26k
Purpose: Programming utility
Requirements: RISC OS 3
Licence: Freeware
Outstanding feature: It tells you what all those bits mean!

Bits is an advanced binary/bit/flag calculator/selector. It displays numbers in binary, decimal or hexidecimal and in groups of bits. Wow. What makes it just that little bit different is that it can tell you what each bit stands for, which is useful for WIMP programmers for creating icon/window flags etc.

Hard Cheese

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Size: 10k
Purpose: Spoil other people's fun
Requirements: RISC OS 3?
Licence: Freeware
Outstanding feature: It really can delete all those games!

Hard Cheese prevents up to 128 applications from being run, and/or deletes them - ideal for school IT managers! The programs can be single-tasking and don't have to be acknowledged by the task manager - such as most games. Files run from inside the applications (eg !Run files) also trigger off Hard Cheese.
Disclaimer: The software is used entirely at your own risk. The author will not be held responsible for any loss of data caused directly or indirectly by the program.


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Size: 26k
Purpose: Desktop utility - it also likes carets!
Requirements: RISC OS 3
Licence: Freeware
Outstanding feature: You can write your own features

Donkey provides a floating tool bar that constantly shows you the time and how much free memory you have. But it can do much more besides; infact anything you want! Yes, Donkey is a multi-purpose utility that may well never be used, just as every other utility on your hard disc is. On the other hand, you might incorporate it into you boot sequence and find your life drastically improved as a result. Maybe.

HTML -> Impression

Download it now!

Size: 24k
Purpose: Convert HTML files to Impression format
Requirements: RISC OS 3
Licence: Freeware
Outstanding feature: You can export without losing formatting

An updated version, first featured in Acorn User. This application converts HTML files into Impression format, retaining the appearance of the document, which doesn't occur when saving a textfile from a web browser. Also, HTML -> Impression formats the text to look (and print) better than it appears in many browsers.