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Pie Gates

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Size: 58k
Purpose: Computer industry satire
Requirements: RISC OS 3
Licence: Freeware
Outstanding feature: The appauling pie puns

A conversion of the classic Windows game. Click on the bobbing Bill Gates heads to launch a great big custard pie! Comedy, comedy, top flight comedy. Includes numerous features over the PC version, including comic sound effect and a pie score table.


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Size: 18k
Purpose: Going to pieces
Requirements: RISC OS 3, ChangeFSI
Licence: Freeware
Outstanding feature: It can use any graphics format

Jigsaw is a program that will take any graphics file and convert it into a 5x5 jigsaw for you to solve. As if you couldn't have guessed.

Jelly Fight!

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Size: 195k
Purpose: Two to eight player game
Requirements: Someone to play against
Licence: Freeware
Outstanding feature: Fitting eight people onto the keyboard!

A Bomberman style game for two to eight players. Features a wacky end-of-game tune which is worth the download in itself! Please note that you require at least one friend, relative or complete stranger to be able to play the game properly.