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Philip Mellor: Profile

(or: Everything you never wanted to know about me)

Name: Mellor, Philip
DOB: 27 / 09 / 1980
Life: Non-existant
Interests: Computers (programming them), music, chainsaw juggling, train spotting, satanic devil worship, etc.
Computer setup: Acorn A3010, RISC OS 3.1, 2Mb RAM, 120Mb Hard Disc, CD ROM, High quality(!) dot matrix printer... And it's still better than a PC
Favourite computers: ACORN!!!
Least favourite computers: Anything running Windoze™.
Favourite music: Propellorheads, Chemical Brothers, Death In Vegas, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Low-Fi All Stars, Asian Dub Foundation, Stereophonics, Octopus, Olivia Tremor Control, Verve (before they became famous anyway, the new stuff's not as good), Lightning Seeds, Radiohead, REM, Monaco. That sort of thing.
Favourite radio stations: Radio 1, Talk Radio, and occasionally Virgin.
Where am I: Horsforth School.
What am I doing here: I often ask myself that question.
What subjects am I doing here: A-Levels! Art, Maths (Pure and Stats) and Computer Studies
Most treasured possession: My treasure.
Claim to fame: Numerous programs published in Acorn User magazine.