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Bunny Race

A fast paced arcade platformer game featuring Elvis the bunny. You can download it from the Acorn Arcade (due to upload problems I couldn't put the archives on this site). It received a favourable review in the April 1998 issue of Acorn User:
Once in a while you encounter something so cheesily produced you just have to give in and go with it. Bunny Race is one such program...
The story behind Bunny Race is so good...
It is very silly, but to be honest you can't really beat controlling a rabbit called Elvis...
You'll either love this game or hate it, but either way it's gotta be tried.
Paul Wheatley, Acorn User PD page, April 1998

Acorn User Magazine

Over the past year I have had many programs published in Acorn User's Star Info section:
June 1997: Three graphical ditties - Craters, Fire and Electric.
July 1997: A fractal tree plotter (MagicTree), a juggling game, and two sprite mapping demos.
August 1997: Soxon - a utility to let you choose different boot sequences.
September 1997: Some more graphics programs: Texture, NB_Fill and Carpet.
October 1997: A computer dating program (?) called Cupid.
November 1997: The bronze award winning Spooky Challenge entry, Bats.
December 1997: HTML->Imp, a handy utility which converts HTML files into Impression format.
Christmas 1997: A couple of graphical demonstrations: Cells and CellsDIY
January 1998: Turbine, one of those strange swirly colour optical effects.
February 1998: A desktop silly that adds sharks swimming along your iconbar.
March 1998: 1K_Meteors - a 1024 byte long version of the classic asteroids game.
April 1998: SpotOn! A desktop game, a bit like a two-dimensional Rubix cube.
May 1998: RopeBridge - Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost Arc!


A range of free software is availiable on this web site - you can download it from the Computing section.
AnyGrab: Take hi-res screenshots on a low-res monitor.
Bits: Programming utility.
CountDown: A simulation of Richard Whitely's famous clock.
Cupid2: Updated version of Cupid (see above).
Donkey: Desktop utility - it also likes carets.
Faulty Mouse: Makez yer mouse go all funni!
Hard Cheese: Prevents programs from being run.
HTML->Impression: Updated version of the utility featured in AU.
Jigsaw: Desktop game.
Jelly Fight: 2 to 8 Bomberman style game.
QueryBox: A daft little program.
Severed Hand: Gory mouse pointer complete with dripping blood!
Smashing PCs: Recreating the PC demolition zone at Acorn World '96.
Spiders: Desktop arachnids.
Waffle: Generates silly sentences.