The X Files

You awaken to find Scoulder by your hospital bedside. "You've been asleep for five weeks, Mouldy" she says.

"The UFO...?" you say.

"It was just an elaborate hoax cleverly put together by the Hamlet Cigar Smoking Man to lead you away from the real evidence - alien bodies being used as dummies in a tailors in Bexhill-Upon-Sea."

"So who hit me on the nut then?"

"That's the strangest thing. No human could have knocked you out for so long. Whoever or whatever did this to you, also gave me my cancer and that annoying itchy rash under my left armpit. It must have been..."

"Extra terrestrial?"

"Yes. Can you remember seeing who knocked you unconcious? You're the only one who could know."

"I don't know." you say. "I only saw a moments glimpse. Whatever it was, it wasn't human. If only I could have something to trigger my memory..."

Assistant Director Wally Skinny appears in the doorway, the electric light shining off his bald bonce like a lighthouse. Being an assistant director, he unfolds his chair, sits in it, and shouts "Action!"

Scoulder hands you some photographs. "I've managed to narrow things down to six suspects. Have a look at these photos, see if you recognise any of them."
X Look at the photos.