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Friends Intranet pages

Mark's Music Street / Boulevard / Road / Avenue / End / Cul-De-Sac / On-The-Wold
Tiffany Wiffany Wiff Wiffles Wiffmeister
Emma's minimalistic page
James, planes and automobiles
Tom Macdonald, the cheeky chappy drink spillager
Darlow's part of the intranet that eats Shreddies

People wot I know with online sites

The Tom Macdonald Page

Other gubbins

Cool Site of the Day
The Rolf Harris Pages
Gromit's Gallery
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
Automatic complaint-letter generator
Christmas cards, virtual christmas cards, holiday e-cards
Always Free Virtual Greeting Cards - Send a card for a birthday, holiday or any special occasion
The Strawberry Facts Page
Reverse Speech
The Official Peanuts Site
Virtual Pooh Sticks Menu
The Page at Pooh Corner
Winnie the Pooh Wavs Wombles Page
Wombling Songs
Clangers The X-Files
The X-Files (official site)
60 Greatest Conspiracies
For those of us who hate Bill Gates...
The official Anti-Microsoft homepage
Why Windows 95 Sucks