Music lyrics

Sleeper: The It Girl

01. Lie Detector
02. Sale of the Century
03. What Do I Do Now?
04. Good Luck Mr Gorsky
05. Feeling Peaky
06. Shrink Wrapped
07. Dress Like Your Mother
08. Statuesque
09. Glue Ears
10. Nice Guy Eddie
11. Stop Your Crying
12. Factor 41
13. Click... Off... Gone

1 Lie Detector

She's a movie star arrangement
Got a touch of Bergman to her face
She wears suits and buys him flowers
Smokes his cigarettes and bakes him cakes

He says uh oh I love you
But I'm not so sure I trust you
You seem strange to me

She's got green eyes and she's lovely
Reminds me of the 'it' girl with her lips
Got an automatic license
Reads all Dostoievsky's household tips

He says uh oh I love you
But I'm not so sure I trust you
You seem strange to me

How come everyone suspects her
Attach her to a lie detector
Watch a thousand housewives fizz and burn
And every time she answers yes
The needles on his polygraph test
Just go round in circles like his brain

She's got long hair but she's ugly
Got a touch of Einstein to her brain
She wears fat clothes but she's cunning
People say she's easy all the same

He says uh oh I love you
But I'm not so sure I trust you
You seem strange to me

It took a thousand cliches just to scold her
Took a man from Stepford and a tape recorder
Got his ego broken, so crestfallen
You made a start, you made us laugh
Stop it, you're a grown man baby
It's just that your head's no good

2 Sale Of The Century

We step through London, the streets holding on to us
We stand where the river bends, I hope we fall in

This time maybe, let's take a photograph
We'll burn all the negatives, I hope we fall in

It's never going to be this good, so just climb in
How long till reason makes us small again
It feels just like we just got started

It's still you taking me up there
Pretend to be scared then decide that we don't care
Wear ourselves out on the way down
It's still you and the moment you met me
You thought I was cheap, you were the sale of the century
Creased ourselves up on the way down

Now I touch you don't know where you begin
Sometimes you're a piece of me, I hope we fall in

It's been too long so it can't just be something we ate
I knew we'd go far 'cos we both share the people we hate
It feels just like we just got started

3 What Do I Do Now?

Quickly she came dressed up for fame
Riding her perfume downstairs
Make-up like glue she danced round the room
To the sound of her corduroy flares

Let's go to town, taxi's all round
We could stop for a couple of beers
He looks at it all, stifles a yawn
She tries not to look like she cares

What do I do now? Are we going under?
What did I do wrong? I though we had it sorted
Out the other day, maybe I'm just stupid
Can't we try again?
No-one told me it was raining

Can't face a club, they walk to a nearby pub
Watch a couple of bands
Draining the glass, they walk home at last
Reaching for each others hands

Nothing is said, he goes to bed
Dreaming of her on his own
She stays up all week, watching him sleep
Scared that she'll wake up alone

Oh I'll miss you every day of your life
Oh you'll feel it too, you're not that strong
You know I'm on to you

Oh I'll miss you every day of your life
And maybe when you're dead
I'll get some rest from holding on to you

What do I do now? Are we going under?
What did I do wrong? I though we had it sorted
Is there someone else? Or am I too familiar?
Was it when I said I wanted to have children?
Tore up all your photos, didn't feel too clever
Spent the whole of Sunday sticking you together
Now I'd like to call you but I feel to awkward
Some things need explaining
No one told me it was raining

4 Good Luck Mr Gorsky

Rides his bike on a tarmac causeway
Makes him ten feet tall and drives him anywhere
Dreams of rockets and home-run heroes
Takes the brakes off on the big hills for a dare
Oh when its dark here
There's a voice that will always call you in
But you don't care
You still sleep without thinking

Best of luck Mr Gorsky, all the world's waiting for you
There's a clock on the wall
And it ticks when you're small
Counting for you
Good luck Mr Gorsky, all the world's waiting for you
There's a plaque on the wall
That your wife won at school
Cleans it for you

Making holes in the tall white fences
And a hundred curtains flicker as you pass
Think that man must be ninety-seven
Built a telescope he focused on the stars
Models in boxes never look like the pictures on the front
But that's o.k.
They still fly on elastic

5 Feeling Peaky

Monday morning fiction on the tube then sorting out the daily mail
Nasty habit read the horoscope then pick the skin around her nails
Are shiny, made for making love or kissing indiscreetly, at the weekend
Miss the drink that leaves you feeling peaky

Tuesday lunchtime itchy in a suit all dressed up for the pantomime
How d'you know though when you're getting on or when you're getting back in
Line-up strung-up listen to the sound of someone else's fun fair
Always racing they'll catch you when you thought you'd just got somewhere

There's nothing you can do, I'll make it up to you
You're feeling just like them
Tonight we'll find a different world or sign a different treaty
Love makes you forgetful so completely

You're always looking, read about the lives that loiter in non-fiction
While you're waiting, someone stole the courage of your conviction

6 Shrink Wrapped

You closed your eyes and left me here
And now I'm jealous of your sleep
I made some noise to wake you up
It seems you've drifted out of reach

I'm not sure if you meant what you said
But that's o.k.
'Cos it still sounded good
When you said it anyway
I'm not sure where you are
When I turn and stroke your face
You don't move anymore
So it must be getting late

I'm not tired even now
I think I'm glad to be awake
I've met these fractured thoughts before
They grin and wander round this place

I'll get up all I fend
Is a paper that I hate
Real life disappears
And gets shrink wrapped in its place
I get up to watch TV
Helps me feed my vicious streak
Real life disappears

Then we watch the spooks on the news
Playing chess with the cynics
Hope you die in the arms of your shrinks in your clinics
Now it's gone 5 a.m.

We smile and plan our revenge
By the end the night has found its true friends
Up all hours sketching a thousand great schemes
Hope I'm not too tired to colour them in

I get what I want and I'm not sure I want it anymore

7 Dress Like Your Mother

Friday's gym and Sunday's grim
He sees an analyst on Tuesday morning
She's no happier than him
She only likes to hear her own voice talking
Oh well have you seen her face
Soaked in hype and foolishness
They say when you upped and left
Your parents didn't even notice

50 years to go, ooh la la
And it seems to me that you're all dead

Wifey works on style mags
Thin girls with bruises in her pictures
Halfway down she lost herself
I think they call it butterfingers
Oh well it's a cosy place
Occasional domestic flare-ups
Oh well have you seen her face
She actually believes in haircuts

You sold your old punk records
Read the book instead
You lost your sense of humour
But you kept the queen is dead
You don't look yourself
You dress like your mother

8 Statuesque

We should spend the night in a small hotel like this
Drinking champagne in it
We could drive your car through the East End streets to the city
And still make a day of it

Take all I have I've no secrets left to steal
What would you give me for a trip behind your steering wheel

I need high heels just to stand up
Got to carry some stairs just to get near enough
I need some wheels to move you around
I've borrowed some tools to chisel you down
Tie me up and I'll confess
A thousand things that make you statuesque

And it won't last for long, better do your worst
While I'll forgive you anything
Oh your so rehearsed
'Cos some wise guy built you pretty
So you'd get away with it

Take all I have I've no secrets left to steal
What would you give me for a trip behind your steering wheel

9 Glue Ears

Eleven o'clock on a motorway it wasn't very nice, still raining
Spied a man he looks away, I never liked him much no conversation
Skills went on a quiz show once, and nearly won, en cyclopedic
Sunday drive to birthday lunch, had an argument, they're car sick

Oh, shiver on to your own front door
So much to get back for

Clumsy, clumsy aren't we, dressed in paper
And holding hands with gloves on
Eyes in comedy shades

We're clumsy aren't we, wrapped in paper and fears
Can't pay attention when you've got glue ears

Seven o'clock on a motorway, she isn't going out she's only
Visiting Dad who was locked away
Now he just recites lines from movies
Kid in the back is eating flies
Wish his mother didn't dress him funny
She still signs still dots her eyes
With little hearts she worries

10 Nice Guy Eddie

So I'll admit that it all started as a scam
'Cos every girl wanted you and a year round tan
We know that you're old but your kind
You're rich and your heart is dicky
Yes I knew that you wanted me

And he said

Hey love how are you fixed
We'll meet at ten past now it's quarter to six
We'll spend the whole night making love on the sofa
It may sound funny but he wasn't supposed to

And then we both settled down to our favourite meal
D'you fancy veal parmesan and a case of warm chianti
Pass my bag I picked up that bra you fancied
Yes I knew that you wanted me

Oh we knew it couldn't last
And we should have left it long before
One great year and one for luck
And like all good things you soon want more
You were always so polite
I think I loved you

And I said

Hey love, I'm making it easy on us
I'll leave, and a few of our dreams turn to dust
All night making love on your sofa
And it may sound funny but he wasn't supposed to
Summer '92 I remember it clearly
When he choked on the olive in his dry martini
There was dismay from the friends he was close to
And it may sound funny but he wasn't supposed to

11 Stop your crying

This man lives in the ocean
He puts his favourite clothes on
And drifts away day after day
And you can't hear me call

This man needs a direction
You want my blind affection
And I'm not sorry that I came
I stayed too long that's all

And you're a bad habit
Glad of it
I'm not so sure I can help you
Sad for it
Thanks for it
I'm not so sure I can make you

Stop your crying it's not helping
Stop your crying it's no help
Did you still think that my love
Could make you special

Pulled me in on a high tide
How well you hid your flipside
It won't do to comfort you
Each time you cough or call
You think I wanted to use you
Complex issues just confuse you
You don't care you're unaware
How far these things can fall

12 Factor 41

Two ferries collide and you'll be the one
Standing on the dock reading papers in the sun
The ice age arrives you'll keep me warm
Falling at your feet with no feelings of my own

What do I do with you lately
What can I do with you lately

Two robbers arrive big guys with guns
You'll be the one looking backwards as we run
Crusaders come by fat guys who sing
You'll be the one not believing anything

What do I do for you lately
What can I do for you

I'm not afraid of you you're very nice in fact
Now give me all your cigarettes
These little love attacks
Are making me feel queasy
Can't get my heart rate down

Two missionaries come with conversion kits
You'll be the one sewing cotton through their lips
We wear out the sun you'll be the one
Lying on the roof wearing factor 41

I'm not afraid of you you're very nice
In fact you've got it all, you're very tall
I'm totally impressed, can't get my heart rate down

I'm not afraid of you you're very nice
In fact you've got it all but now I'm bored
Of being sycophantic
So get your knickers down

13 Click... Off... Gone

I must be dreaming, live in a small world with dust over it
I've got no feelings, wear thin shoes with glass under them
Click off gone

They made him lie down, keeping the ground warm while life drips on it
They turned him right down, collected a life and said goodbye to it
Click off gone

Don't make it anything special, tucked in with words over it
Don't make it anything special, I've seen it before low voices under it
Click off gone

Luca Brasi's got nothing on you
There's something wrong 'cos I can leave if I want to
You don't stay long but I imagine you're real
Invited you for a meal

I must be dreaming, the pictures are gone now I'm not sure of it
I've got no feelings, I turned down the sound now there's no more of it
Click off gone

Click off gone